Centre for Longitudinal Study

Intimate partner violence in Asian families- an overview from the Growing Up in New Zealand study


Dr. Rajneeta Saraf
Associate Prof Rachel Simon Kumar


Centre for Longitudinal Study

Project code: MHS081

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a common problem facing our Asian families. One in four Asian families in the US experience some form of domestic violence in some point in life. We will be using data from the new birth cohort study; Growing Up in New Zealand (www.growingup.co.nz) to investigate intimate partner violence in Asian families. Possessive and controlling behaviours don’t appear overnight, but rather merge and intensify as the relationship grows and for this reason we will be exploring the partner relationships using data collected at the antenatal interview, when child was 9 months, 2 years and 4.5 years.

The aim(s) of the study are:
(1) What proportion of Asian women and their partners have experienced some form of intimate partner violence during the time of pregnancy to when the child was 4.5 years?
(2) What are the differences and / or similarities between how the Asian women and their partners reported IPV?
(3) What were the patterns of change in IPV in Asian families at four different time points: (1) before the baby was born (during pregnancy) and after birth when child was (2) 9 months, (3) 2 years and (4) 4.5 years.
Skills thought:
Literature searching:
(1)use of large, longitudinal dataset-data cleaning and confidentiality,
(2)descriptive data analysis: The student will be given assistance to analyse data,
(3) writing for publication – in addition to the final report, this project will result in a published research paper to which the student will contribute and receive authorship.

Key skills required
(1)An interest in child health, women health, public health and ethnicity,
(2)Basic statistics (tabulations, t-tests, chi square, regression etc.),

Access to the Growing Up in New Zealand dataset will be obtained prior to the student beginning the summer project.