Get Recruitment Ready

Summer: the perfect time to get recruitment ready!

The longer, slower days of summer are just around the corner - and after a long year of hard work, it is tempting to switch off and kick back for a few months. Graduation is closer than you think; and the summer break is an ideal time to take stock of where you’re heading and plan the steps that will get you there.

Did you know that recruiters and employers are coming to campus in the new year to meet students like you for graduate jobs in 2020 and 2021? With the buzz of the new year and O-week kicking off, your schedule will fill up quickly – but it’s important to be ready to put your best foot forward when meeting recruiters. Your future could depend on it!

The CDES team are on campus all summer with loads of tools, resources and expertise to help you ace next semester’s recruiting season.

Take advantage of the empty campus and extra parking and come in to see us! Book your career workshop or one-on-one appointment with a career consultant on MyCDES today.

Here’s your Summer Checklist

  • Understand what you are looking for.
  • Update your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • Practice interviewing.

Learn what you're looking for

Philippa Jaffrey came to CDES before she started meeting with recruiters. 

I honestly had no idea where to begin, so I signed up for a two-part
workshop with CDES, hoping to build a foundation of knowledge about analysing myself, roles and companies. I found the resources incredibly helpful- the exercises helped me to see that management consulting would be a great fit for my interests and allow me to do creative problem-solving in a fast-paced

We’re running workshops over summer that can help you to clarify what matters most to you in a career and to know what you’re looking for. We want you to find a role you love and we can help you get there.

Update your CV and LinkedIn Profile

Understanding what you’re looking for is the first step, then you need to get there.

Our team of Career Development Consultants are experts. Don’t miss the chance to connect with them for a one-on-one chat. “I wanted to really understand the job market in Auckland and be better prepared for it. International PhD student Ahmed Zaki says. 

The CDES team helped me to target my CV, get a good sense for what
employers are looking for, and know what to expect from the interview process
here in New Zealand and it made a difference.

Your CV is usually your first impression to potential employers; it’s important to make it professional and reflective of who you are and the skills you bring, but it needs to stand out! Your CV might be part of a large pile, and you want it to be at the top.

To help you get started, we’ve created an online module that you can access through MyCDES: How to Create a CV. After that, drop in and see one of our Career Development Consultants: they have years of experience and know what employers are looking for in your CV.

Drop in sessions
Every weekday between 10.30-11.30am or 3 – 4pm
Kate Edger Information Commons, Room 151, Level One 
No bookings needed.

Practice Interviewing

Interviewing can be nerve-wracking, but practice makes perfect!

Lucia Tan came to CDES to help prepare for her own interview process with Auckland Transport.

When I landed the interview, the Career Development Consultant led me through mock interview questions and helped me understand what recruiters were looking for at each round of interviews. She also connected me to an alumnus working in finance who was a huge help in preparing for the specific components of the interview. By my interview date, I felt confident and prepared, and was delighted when Auckland Transport offered me a job as a graduate accountant. Getting involved with CDES early set me up for success in my job hunt!” 

We have the tools you need to walk into your job interviews next year feeling confident and prepared. Interview Stream is a free tool available through MyCDES that lets you practice questions anywhere, anytime. Our Career Development Consultants specialise in a range of study disciplines as well, so we can help you based on your degree and where you’re interviewing.

We can’t wait to see the future you create and, at CDES, we’re committed to doing all we can to help you on your path.

Check out all the options available to boost your career this summer and book a meeting with a member of our team to get the ball rolling. An exciting 2020 is just around the corner!