Leigh Foubister, Fast Enterprises shares her tips for meeting recruiters this semester!

This semester employers and recruiters are coming on campus to recruit students for graduate roles, and there's a few do's and don'ts to consider for students wanting to stand out from the crowd to stand a good chance.

Leigh Foubister, from Fast Enterprises, gives advice for students on the job hunt, with tips on how to secure a graduate role.

"When we look at job applications and interviewee graduates, we are looking for someone who is willing to learn and can think outside the box to creatively solve problems. We want someone who comes across confident and outgoing, and not timid. They need to seem comfortable interacting with people as soft skills are essential when working in a team. We also love hiring people who are looking for meaningful work that impacts the lives of people all around the world, as that's what we strive to do at Fast Enterprises.

"When we attended the recruitment event last year, hosted by CDES, there were a few things that stood out to us when we interacted with students and I think these things are important for considering at this year's events.

"We ran system demonstrations and asked students to volunteer to help with this. The ones that jumped in and got involved were the students who set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd, they caught our attention. When we held open Q&A sessions the students who asked questions definitely stood out to our team. They showed that they were genuinely interested in the presentation and interested in finding a job after graduation.

I'd really encourage students to get support now to prepare for these types of interactions at upcoming recruitment events if they want to stand out and get employers attention. It's not hard to prepare and could make the difference in being hired, or not.

"My top advice for students currently on the job search, to nail interviews and the application process;

  • Be prepared do your research on the organisation so you understand what they do, what they believe in, and how they operate and be professional. Dress smart, act appropriately and show that you really want to be there.
  • Ask educated questions in the interviewee about the organisation or the industry to set yourself apart from all of the other students that are being interviewed.
  • Work hard during university and participate in extracurricular activities that are relevant to your intended field of work. This will go on your CV and it shows us that you are driven, capable and diverse in your thinking.

"For students considering working at Fast NZ, here's some of the reason why we think you should!"

  • Fast Enterprises is constantly rated in the top 25 companies to work for (by Glassdoor)
  • There are tons of exciting opportunities offered around the world for graduates.
  • We have a family like atmosphere with like-minded talented individuals. This is not your standard 9 to 5 job.
  • Competitive salary and package.
  • We are an industry leader in government solutions software.