Employer Stories: Jess Clarke, The Treasury

Jess Clarke, the Treasury’s Programme Advisor, shares her number one tip for nailing job interviews and find out more about her role and the work they are doing.

Securing an internship is a step in the right direction (literally) for your career. Think of it as giving yourself a test run. You can ask all the burning questions you may have and apply everything you’ve learnt while studying in a workplace environment. Not to mention, finishing university with both a degree and work experience looks great on your CV and can give you an advantage over other candidates. You may even make some great contacts while you’re interning, and who knows where that could take you.

“The Treasury is the Government’s lead economic and financial advisor. We provide strategic policy advice on the New Zealand economy, produce a range of publications and economic data, and monitor and manage the financial affairs of the Government.

"All of this means there is a real breadth of opportunities with us, from policy advice to accounting and financial risk management to macroeconomic forecasting. That’s why we created our three Graduate streams:

  1. Policy, Performance and Advisory
  2. Macroeconomist
  3. Capital and Commercial

"For more information on these, you can visit our website.

“As the Treasury’s Programme Advisor, I’m responsible for successfully delivering all aspects of the graduate and intern programmes - from recruitment of top talent to managing your experience with us. I love being a part of developing the next generation of Treasury analysts, and I look forward to meeting you!

“Our Treasury Summer Interns enjoy a specially designed programme. They work on projects to hone their research and analytical skills, and have the chance to develop personally and professionally; which builds future career capability for any graduate programme. The exact nature of the work depends on your background, experience and interests, as well as team placement and project scope. Over the 12-week programme, our interns get first-hand experience and exposure to what we do, and how we do it. Unlike other internships, the work you do will be directly related to the priorities of our agencies, the New Zealand Government, and our wider New Zealand community. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, get in touch with the team at CDES.

"Based in Wellington, the Treasury Summer Intern programme accepts approximately 12 students a year. Students who ask insightful questions at the expo always stand out. The Treasury website has more info on the application process.

"When preparing for a job interview, make sure you are your biggest advocate and believe in yourself. You’ve already impressed us to get to the interview stage! Don’t forget to do your research – have a think about what really excites/interests you about the company, and what YOU can bring to the role.

"I always find the STAR(L) method helpful when practising interview questions; STAR = Situation, Task, Action, Result. Top tip: add a “Learning” to the end of this method to demonstrate you have a growth mindset! Always include your life experiences, culture and background in your answers. Employers value your differences and unique perspectives. And lastly, remember that interviews are a two-way street. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It can actually help show you are really interested in the role and want to ensure it’s the right fit for you.”