Amy Bissett

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Amy Bissett

  • Maintenance Analyst - Babcock
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Chemical and Materials Engineering 

Did your career plans change as you studied?

I initially started off university pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian, but quickly realised that I missed the problem solving skills that subjects such as maths and physics require – leading me to change to engineering.

During the Chemical and Materials Engineering degree, I realised that there were many paths that I could go down with this degree, which opened a lot of doors for me. I was set on getting into a food processing career, with my internships being in this field. However, it was not until after university that I wanted to diverge and go into a mechanical role as I initially wanted to specialise in this field, also taking my materials engineering knowledge. It has broadened my knowledge even further and opened up more paths for me to pursue in the future, and I can say that I've enjoyed my experience so far.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years’ time?

I am starting to get an idea of what I want to be doing further along in my career, however I am keeping an open mind as I am still getting exposed to the different disciplines in my field. I would like to be working in a role which allows me to be challenged, with a dynamic environment. Working overseas is definitely something that I would also like to experience, working on larger scale projects and in different environments. Other than where I want to be, I want to continuously further develop my skills and work towards becoming a Chartered Engineer.

How valuable was your work experience (including internships) for you as a student? How did this help you fine-tune where you wanted to head?

Although I did not end up in a field of work where I completed my internships, they provided me with the soft skills that I use every day at work. Studying at university, you are not exposed to the environments at work and can only learn from the experience. Being an intern amongst people in your field with years of experience taught me to be confident with my ideas. They are always happy to help and you can gain a lot of valuable knowledge from them.

What is your key piece of advice for current students hoping to secure intern or graduate roles?

Researching what companies are out there in your field by attending careers expos for example. Not only can you get an idea of what projects they work on, but you can hear about their experiences and journeys they went through. After being a part of the team at my work choosing interns for the summer, I can say that showing genuine interest in the company and making yourself memorable is important.

As for interview, not only is the company interviewing you, but it’s also your chance to interview the company too. Find out whether the projects they work on, company culture or career growth opportunities within the company is where you see yourself fitting in.