Flying Officer Sammy Johnson

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FGOFF Sammy Johnson

  • Flying Officer - RNZAF
  • Bachelor of Science - Computer Science and Information Systems

Did your career plans change as you studied?

My career plans changed several times as I studied, I originally started with a Major in Physics. I took a Computer Science class in my first semester and decided it was something I was much more interested in. I proceeded to Double Major in Computer Science and Information Systems, still with no real idea of where my career would be. It wasn’t until after university that I looked into joining the Royal New Zealand Air Force, and found that the role of a Communication and Information Systems Officer fitted what I had studied really well.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years’ time?

I still see myself working for the Royal New Zealand Air Force, it has been an excellent ever changing career in my four years so far. There are still so many more opportunities to grow in the organisation and it is a really rewarding feeling to know that what you are doing serves the greater community.

What is your key piece of advice for current students, hoping to secure intern or graduate opportunities?

Look at the non-typical options, I didn’t even know the Defence Force was an option until I found an advert on trade me. There are lots of options out there that are looking for people with degrees besides the typical graduate programs.