Steven Ho

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Steven Ho

  • Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Did your career plans change as you studied?

Heading into university, I was uncertain of what career path to pursue - I began with a Commerce/Engineering conjoint degree as I had an interest in problem solving and numerical subjects. During my first year of study, I took several commerce papers and was exposed to the different specialisations provided by the Engineering faculty. I particularly enjoyed programming and found a great deal of satisfaction in creating applications to solve problems, leading me to specialise in Software Engineering. By attending networking events and being more exposed to people within the industry, my passion for software steadily grew - this helped me decide to pursue a path in software development, in which I hope to be able to make significant contributions in people’s lives in the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years’ time?

I hope to see myself being part of a team that is developing meaningful products that I am passionate about. I would like to grow into not only a competent developer but also a leader, helping those who are discovering the software industry for the first time. I would like to work abroad and experience the different cultures I have yet to discover, but most importantly I would like to know that I am solving real-world problems and making a positive impact to the people around me.

How valuable was your internship OR work experience for you as a student? How did this help you fine-tune where you wanted to head?

Xero’s internship gave me my first taste of working within the software industry, and the experience was priceless. During the internship, my technical skills improved drastically - being surrounded by a team of experienced developers in the field, I was able to learn new software languages and frameworks that I have never been exposed to before. The amount of support I received from Xero as an intern was astounding, leading me to gain confidence in my abilities. Above all, I was able to use the opportunity at Xero to understand the importance of building positive relationships around you, and how to work effectively within a team. My internship at Xero showed me the potential of what the software industry can provide, and solidified my decision to pursue a career in software.