Aderant Intern Profile

Meet Aderant at the 2019 CDES Internship Career Expo on 1 August!

Lewis MacDonald

  • University of Auckland student
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

What is it like working for your organisation and was it what you expected or was it different?
Working as an intern for Aderant was a refreshing experience. It gave me a comprehensive understanding of the software development life cycle, paired with an excellent company culture. Many aspects of the job came as expected, and it was fascinating seeing all the theoretical ideas I'd learnt during my studies being applied in a professional setting. Surprises included how incredibly inclusive and helpful everyone was! I was thrown in the deep end, but with an incredible number of resources and helpful colleagues available. This made learning and adapting to new processes an incredibly efficient and enjoyable experience.

Internships help you build your network, and can often lead towards graduate opportunities within the same company.

What advice would you give to students wanting to take part in an internship/graduate programme?
For students looking at taking part in an internship, I couldn't recommend it more! As much as we learn during our studies, it's hard to replicate the feel of working in a professional development environment. Internships also help you build your network, and can often lead towards graduate opportunities within the same company.

As for a graduate program, again I would 100% recommend taking part. The graduate program at Aderant was excellently structured, teaching us about their processes and culture from the ground up with a mixture of lecture style sessions, practical tutorials, and basic projects to start adding value to the company .

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years’ time?
In 5-10 years' time I see myself well established in the software industry as an intermediate to senior level software engineer. With the industry being so huge and diverse it's hard to say exactly where at this point. This is around the stage when I'd be considering management opportunities, potentially taking charge of small teams while remaining technical in some capacity. I see it as important to stay current and in touch with technology, even after a transition into management.