Student Stories: Elizabeth Houston

Elizabeth shares 8-week internship with The Media Project hosted by the University of Auckland.

"Hello, I'm Elizabeth and I’m in my senior year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, in a small town called Geneva, in the state of New York. I’m doing a double Major in both English and Media & Society. Last year I was lucky enough to spend a couple of months in New Zealand on an internship.

"New Zealand has always been a place high up on my bucket list. Aside from my love of writing, I’m also an athlete and I love being outdoors. I spend most of my time back home centered around rowing and coaching younger kids to learn how to row. So, when I heard about an opportunity to both live and study in NZ, I knew I couldn’t pass it up!

"My 8 week internship was with a small but mighty company called The Media Project, based in Pt Chevalier, Auckland. The Media Project is a boutique marketing consultancy - a team of copywriters, marketing consultants and social media strategists, run by an incredibly talented and successful woman, Holly Jean Brooker. They contract to a range of businesses, companies and educational organisations.  

"The idea of this global internship was to gain some experience in a field you’re interested in and see how the industry or field is similar or different to organisations in America. It’s a really cool concept and not something I would ever have dreamed I’d be able to do! During my time with Holly and The Media Project, I developed a number of key skills – especially when it comes to copy and advertising. I learned how to plan projects out, instead of just doing them on a whim and I had the chance to produce freelance content too! I also got to see what it takes to run a successful boutique business. 

This internship prepared me for what I want to
do with my own career. 

"I loved working with Holly and learning from her, it was the absolute best part of the internship. The hardest part was getting things just right in certain projects – there was definitely a lot of trial and error – but it was all so helpful in my learning experience to learn from the guidance given.

"I had previously interned in a large corporation back home in the States, so it was nice to work in a small business, in a completely different country. It made me realize that I’d definitely like to have my own business and showed me that it’s possible to be very successful in what I am doing.

"Im so grateful to the University of Auckland for hosting me! It was a very different experience, considering the size of the campus versus where I go in the United States, but it was really cool being in the city. It gave me a taste for what it could’ve been had I decided to go to a bigger school, but it made me grateful for the small community I have at Hobart and William Smith Colleges."