Why my internship in China was nothing like I expected

Jared Goffe shares his amazing experience on a two-month internship in Shenzhen, China, and his new role as the CEO of Unleash Space.

"Growing up in South Auckland, Manurewa, with Māori and Cantonese ethnicity has definitely shaped my study and career direction. I’m in my 3rd year studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Languages majoring in Accounting, Information Systems and Japanese - when I graduate I would like to work as a consultant in order to be exposed to as many industry leaders as possible in order to obtain and increase my knowledge for the purpose of supporting my own community and whānau in the future. This is really important to me.

"It has been a busy time of late! Over the summer I had the opportunity to go on an amazing global internship to Shenzhen, China, thanks to CDES. I worked for a company called Lux’sens, which is a start-up tackling the counterfeit problem in the personal luxury goods market, mostly for luxury handbags. The internship was for two months and it was an amazing experience, everyone in our group was great and we got along really well! My role at the company was a Business Development Intern. I was tasked with looking at new business opportunities, writing investment decks for investors, supporting the marketing team when I could, and also creating strategies for tackling different markets in Asia.

The internship wasn’t at all what I expected, I went over with my own assumptions and China ended up smashing every single one for the better.

Jared Goffe CEO of Unleash Space

"It was a challenging role, but I came out stronger and the valuable relationships and knowledge I gained was second to none. I know that the connections in China will be of great importance for my career development.

"The internship wasn’t at all what I expected, I went over with my own assumptions and China ended up smashing every single one for the better. The opportunity to work in an international company exposes you to a completely new way of doing things. The beauty of the PMSA Scholarship is that it doesn’t matter your degree or background, if you have a passion for what you do and you would love to really teach people about what Aotearoa (New Zealand) has to offer, then I think you are the exact candidate that would be perfect for this amazing opportunity. All in all, the internship is one of the best experiences I have had thus far.

"As well as studying I have recently become the CEO of Unleash Space at the University of Auckland. Unleash is an environment where people can create, invent and ideate for tomorrow. Unleash Space is lead by staff members and students together to create a great foundation for staff, students, and postgraduates to unleash their potential and be the next innovators and entrepreneurs coming out of the University.

"My role as CEO includes making sure that the student-run team that I am in charge of is achieving our organisational goals which support our vision of true ‘Diversity’. We, at Unleash Space, work to create value for every person who comes into the space, whether that is through an idea they need help shaping, or connecting with others who could help them on their business venture."

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