Student Stories: Nischay Gupta

Nischay shares his career journey from India to New Zealand with the help of the CDES Workplace Insights Programme.

"Originally from India, I came to New Zealand in July 2018, to pursue my Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Auckland. Being a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, I’m always keen to learn, explore and contribute to the field of technology. I especially love to come up with innovative ideas, drawn from my work experience and entrepreneurship initiatives; as I’ve been lucky enough to be both a co-founder and a founding member of a couple of technical start-ups in India.

"My long-time passion for Augmented Reality (AR), drones, robotics, networks and telecommunications; combined with my academic projects and work experience helped me to both fit into the work culture here and contribute to my success in delivering exceptional results.

"Since graduating last year, I’ve been working as a Consultant at QuiverVision Ltd. I feel privileged to work with one of the world’s leading AR companies. I believe the CDES Workplace Insights Programme (WIP) played a key part in preparing me for this role.

"I heard about CDES in my first week at the University of Auckland and discovered WIP. The programme helped me gain experience and perspective, which opened up many opportunities for me; including connecting and networking with Auckland University alumni and industry professionals.

"Through the guidance and support of the career consultants at CDES, I was motivated to gain knowledge and insights about the work culture here in New Zealand. I was also given the chance to speak about my experience during the closing ceremony of the Workplace Insights Programme, which was a privilege and enhanced my overall experience.

"CDES’ Workplace Insights Programme provided me with the chance to build a solid, professional network which is crucial especially for an international student like myself. I was able to network with several alumni during the program and stayed connected via email and social media.

The site visits to several workplaces and career coaching groups, enabled me to understand NZ’s work culture and familiarise myself to the working environment. I can’t tell you how much this helped me with my new job!

"A huge thank you to John Dorado and the entire CDES team for this wonderful opportunity. I would recommend the Workplace Insights Programme to all students and fellow international students as a platform to build the confidence to network and seek opportunities in the New Zealand workforce."