Ergo Consulting Graduate Profile

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Hugh Stephens

  • Graduate Engineer
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Did your career plans change as your studied?
As I studied I didn’t initially have the confidence that I would be able to transfer over my skills learnt in a university environment to being able to be an effective engineer. So, my work experience leaned more towards the practical side and I found that some of the skills I learnt from university came into use more often than I thought. It was that hands on experience that made me want to go into consultancy, to working on multiple projects from different sources and having a say in how they were implemented due to what my experience was.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years’ time?
At the moment, my main aim is to finish my graduate program at Ergo, as I am being taught directly by multiple experienced engineers, but in the future I plan to gain my Chartership (becoming internationally registered) and branch into a project management position.

How valuable was my work experience for me as a student?
My work experience was very varied, working as an electricians apprentice and as an engineer’s assistant, and that variance did help make me more employable as it showed I was capable of doing more than one job. In short, yes the experience did show me what the working environment was like and where I wanted to be part of it.