EY Graduate Profile

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Farees Sahib

  • Associate (Assurance), EY
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)
  • Previously completed two summer internships at EY

Did your career plans change as you studied?
I started university knowing I wanted to pursue a career in the accounting world. My studies at university helped me broaden my perception of what accounting and finance really consists of and has given me a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the different career paths commerce has to offer.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?
I aspire to become a qualified CA in the next five years and really grow as an auditor but also gain skills and knowledge that perhaps one day I can use outside of audit. 

How valuable was your internship for you as a student? How did this help you fine-tune where you wanted to head?
My internship was critical in my career. It was definitely the first step into the real world. Having completed two internships also made my transition into work life quite smooth, as my experience allowed me to adapt myself more quickly.

Being an intern gives you great exposure to different clients and assignments which, as a student, can be a great inspiration to pursue a certain career path, even if you never knew about it.