Staples Rodway Graduate Profile

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Jason Taylor  

  • Graduate, Staples Rodway
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Commercial Law)

Did your career plans change as you studied?
I started university knowing that I wanted to work in the accounting industry, but I hadn’t put much thought into which field of accounting I wanted to pursue. After taking an audit course in my second year of university my interest grew. It was a side of accounting which I never had exposure to before, but soon became interested in.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?
My plan within the next 10 years is to be a qualified Chartered Accountant working as a Financial Controller for a company that aligns with my other passions.

How valuable was your work experience for you as a student? How did this help you fine-tune where you wanted to head?
My work experience enabled me to choose the path in which I wanted to take my future as I knew I wouldn’t be fully confident in what I wanted until I experienced it for myself. To begin with, the learning curve was steep, and it completely changed my perspective of accounting. Though, with the knowledge I have acquired so far from my experience at Staples Rodway, I feel that this has solidified the fact that accounting is the career I want to pursue.