Vista Entertainment Solutions Graduate Profile

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Nazish Zaman Khan

  • Software Services Consultant - Vista Entertainment Solutions
  • Bachelor of Science - Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Computer Science
  • Master of Science - Computer Science

Did your career plans change as you studied?
Most definitely, they did change significantly. Initially, I planned on completing my degree and getting a job as a software developer. I had never imagined doing postgraduate studies after my degree. But finding an exciting and challenging topic about 'Making computer science more diverse and socially relevant' with my supervisor encouraged me to consider doing honour's and then masters.

My postgraduate years built on my communication, problem-solving and analytical skills. Not only this, completing the challenging journey with great results boosted my self-confidence. Also, it enabled me to learn and grow continuously and meet immensely learned and talented individuals in my field of research from all over the world. I still remember going to the Computer Science Education conference over in Canberra where I discussed the future of computer science and diversity with teachers all the way from Finland.

When I finally finished studying, I got a great opportunity from Vista Entertainment Solutions to work as a Software Services Consultant. This was on a tangent from what I had planned for my career but I decided to take a leap of faith. Fast forward from that day to now, one and half years later, I love and adore my role, sometimes so much so that I even forget about having wanted to step into software development.

I'd definitely suggest anyone still studying to have plans but not try too hard to stick to them strictly. Life is what happens when you are too busy planning and controlling everything. Sometimes things work out for the best when it's spontaneous and you head into the direction life wants to take you.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years’ time?
I'd like to see myself making positive change in the world through my career pathway and what I choose to do with my life every single day. I would most definitely still be in the field of technology and customer service. Cinema is an essential part of me and I love how Vista enables me to be in the middle of it all, improving experiences for cinema goers like you and myself. The human interaction proves to be a powerful add-on to my passion for IT.

The role I aspire to be in may not exist 5-10 years from now or there may be a new role that I find exciting and challenging. So I don't like to restrict myself to titles or roles when I dream and plan for my future. I'd like to be an expert in my field, who is valued for exceptional skills and taking on leadership roles to train the forthcoming employees towards a successful, rising and diverse workplace.

How valuable was your internship OR work experience for you as a student? How did this help you fine-tune where you wanted to head?
I didn't do an internship or job related to my field of study during my uni years, but whatever work experience I managed to get was beneficial and fun.

Tutoring roles at uni helped me build strong working relationships with my lecturers, as well as develop my communication skills. Working as a Sales Consultant in a car yard helped me build customer service skills which made me realize how much I loved dealing with people.

I encourage people to get any sort of part-time job during uni or full-time jobs during holidays to develop their personality, skills and clarify what they like or dislike.