Make the most of your Summer Break

Summer’s coming, and while it might be tempting to kick back and relax for the next three months - being productive now, will set you up for your professional future!

Working during summer not only helps to pay the bills and save some cash, it widens your professional and social network, gives you exposure to the workplace, helps you build your practical skills and believe it or not, can actually be a good time!

Despite COVID having scuppered many of our travel and work plans, there are an abundance of opportunities available throughout New Zealand. So scratch that COVID travel itch by travelling around your own backyard and gaining experience along the way. 

Still not sure if summer work if for you? Check out our summer work perks, explore some of the jobsites provided below and guess what? Even CEO’s started somewhere. Check out our employer bios and find out what they did during their summers while they were studying!

Meet employers who are recruiting!

Heaps of employers are wanting to meet with you over the next few weeks and tell you more about opportunities they have available! From park ranger roles with Auckland Council to Software Development, Marketing and Customer Support with Education Perfect - check out the full schedule and register for our recruitment events*.

*more events will continue to be added over the next week!

The five perks of summer work!

1. It’s all about the confidence. 

It’s daunting heading into a new workplace but it’s even more daunting if come graduation, you’ve never set foot inside a professional work environment. Whether you’re working in a burger joint, on a beach or behind a bar – putting yourself in unfamiliar territory, helps you learn to thrive and survive. You’ll get insights into a professional environment and might have to deal with some difficult conversations and customers but above all, you’ll constantly be learning new skills and building up that confidence. Winning.

2. Save some dollar!

It’s a no brainer – if you’re working, you’re not spending which is a pretty big perk if you ask us. Use the longest summer holidays you’ll have in your life to save some pennies and put towards your next big trip away, or save for that next big purchase you’ve always wanted! Or put it toward a suit or outfit for your next big interview.

3. You will have real-life experience to put on your CV!

Don’t judge a job by its cover – experience, is experience and we’ve all been there at some point in our lives! 

"Don’t expect to waltz into your dream role, we’ve all had to mop floors and empty trash, plus when it comes to applying for a real job, you want to make sure you have real life work experience to talk about!" 

After all, you’re going to be competing against lots of other talent for roles and employers will be looking for standout candidates.Don’t forget to also check out voluntary positions that might be available!

4. Expand your social and professional network!

Ever heard it’s who you know, not what you know? By gaining experience across industries and sectors during your summer can sometimes lead to unexpected opportunities.

A summer job can help you evaluate your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses helping you decide your future career direction. Take the time to meet new people who you will listen to and learn from! Everyone needs references to help secure a job, so work on building your connections and engage with the people you meet along the way.

5. You might find out what you want to do in the future.

Sure, summer jobs aren’t often what you want to end up doing in the future, but it might provide a lightbulb moment to help confirm what you do (or don’t) want to do.

" Working as a barista might not help you determine what life would be like as a barrister, but it will highlight if you like to work with people and whether you can work quickly and efficiently under pressure".

Work, work, work, work work....

Here are just some of the summer work opportunities available - these plus heaps more are listed on our MyCDES job board, where you can apply direct!

Callaghan Innovation Research & Development internships.

Callaghan Innovation have provided funding to a wide variety of organisations, so they can hire interns for 10-week internships. Find out more about these amazing opportunities. 

Have a grape summer with a horticulture job! 

Regional and seasonal work is a great way to gain experience, meet new people and earn some good money. It’s perfect for people getting back into the workforce or anyone looking for flexible hours. Check out work the seasons website and apply for their summer work opportunities! 

Put your personality into hospitality!

BARCATS has been designed to support your career development by providing you ultimate exposure to prospective employers. The community offers the opportunity for hospitality professionals to register free; for Baristas, Bar and Wait Staff, Cleaners, Chefs and Cooks. Check them out and starta applying today. 

Peruse Student Job Search!

Student Job Search is a not-for-profit funded to assist tertiary students in New Zealand with finding employment. They recruit for a wide variety of roles across different sectors and industries, check out their current vacancies. 

Go down the remote internship route!

Did you know you can now get global work experience from the comfort of your own home? COVID-19 might have ruined our travel plans but with the new, virtual world that we are living in, remote programmes and internships are the new normal - offering you the opportunity to gain international work experience, wherever you are! 

CDES can get you job ready - Find out how!

Login to MyCDES to access online resources and to book your place for our workshops and career events:

1. Get clarity on what you have to offer employers and build confidence to introduce yourself naturally in a professional setting by booking your place at one of our workshops

2. Get your CV and LinkedIn profile ready – Due to COVID we are currently running 3-4 virtual CV checks per week, however when we are allowed back on campus this will return to daily CV drop-in (no appointment necessary). 

  • Date: Various
  • Time: 3-4pm
  • Location: Zoom*

3. Complete an online module through MyCDES or attend a workshop designed to help you write customised CV and cover letters.

*When we return to campus, you'll find CV drop in at Room 151, Level 1, Kate Edger Information Commons - times may be updated. 

The glory days...

Employers let us in on some inside info, taking us back to their summer work roles that set them up for work after University! It's safe to say everyone has to start somewhere - who knew paper rounds were so popular...

I spent a couple of summers helping out in my Dad's newsagents - behind the counter working on my customer service and maths skills, and even delivering papers in the morning. I think I was probably one of the oldest paper boys in the world at that time!

Shailan Patel, Education Manager NZ MYOB

My first job at 14 was at a coffee and donut shop (it was Canada, after all) and then spent a very long time in retail, where I met some great people. I also had a stint at my cousin's company doing accounts receivable, with some babysitting on thsi side...but I think some of the most valuable stuff I did was voluntary work: helping adults with literacy, assistant teaching ESOL to migrants and refugees, helping under-privileged young women with their reading skills.

Lila Pulsford, Career Counsellor Lisa Pulsford Career Counselling

I've done them all, free paper rounds (spolier alert! No-one wants them), nearly burning a cafe down making teacakes, moping the floor of my local leisure centre...They were alll character building and I met some great people along the way!

Alexandra Booth, Industry Relations Manager