The Rising Tiger Experience - Ho Chi Minh Study Tour

Pagoda Projects are proud to be delivering a two week Vietnam Employability-focussed 2-week study tour, in beautiful Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


This 2-week study tour will focus on employability skills within an international & Asian context. Students will develop their capabilities through a series of guided events, workshops and Pagoda-led activities. The program culminates with students presenting an assigned project to an expert panel.


  • Signup deadline: Tuesday 31 March 2020 (however places are limited)
  • Arrival: Sunday 28 June 2020
  • Programme: Monday 29 June - Saturday 11 July 2020
  • Departure: Sunday 12 July 2020
  • Price: AU$3,000 / NZD $3,100 per person (does not include flights)


International business awareness

This will be achieved via first-hand experience of the International Business environment. Participants will receive a thorough exposure to leading international companies operating in Vietnam. This will be done via presentations, panel sessions, tours in the facilities of various famous brands and post-visit reflection with the InternVietnam team. Considerations of operating internationally, along with state-level bilateral challenges and goals in-country will be articulated via presentations from Consulate and Chamber of Commerce staff.

Skills development

Participants will be encouraged to recognise, draw on and develop existing skills throughout this two-week programme. This will be supported via hands-on activities and a workshop on 'Making a Personal Brand' delivered by InternVietnam staff. Participants will be set a project during the orientation day, for which they will also be put into groups and expected to present back to our team at the end of the programme. This is in order to encourage independent, critical thinking and the absorption of information.

Cultural awareness

Participants will gain fundamental understanding of Asian and Vietnamese Culture whilst also being given a plethora of opportunities to bond with others taking part in the programme via 'ice-breaker' activities. 'The Cultural Map' workshop will focus specifically on the necessity of being culturally aware, along with articulating some fundamental considerations when interacting or doing business in Vietnam and Asia in general.

Personal relationships and network building

There will be ample opportunities for participants to broaden their professional networks such as via the interactions with staff during company visits and seminar/panel sessions. Participants will be liaising with senior level staff in prestigious organisations and encouraged and taught how to network, keeping the importance or this in mind throughout the experience and taking the time to add new connections to their LinkedIn account, request business cards and make a good overall impression as an ambassador for their country and university.

Inter-cultural fluency and independence

Participants will be provided with local SIMs shortly after arrival and be made aware of how to use the local map apps and transportation options during their orientation. Following the first weekend, participants will be given a city-wide scavenger hunt in the form on the 'Amazing Saigon Race' where tasks must be achieved in their groups to build confidence, get to know their fellow participants, further familiarise themselves with the city and learn how to get around independently. To successfully complete the challenge, participants will need to interact with locals, successfully navigate the city and complete preset tasks that will test their newly acquired language and teamwork skills. This will provide some friendly competition and be a fun alternative to company focused activities. Members of staff will be available for support when needed.