Finding work overseas

Working overseas can be advantageous in many ways. You can gain practical skills in a different environment, be exposed to diverse cultures, and make contact with a wide range of people.

It can also demonstrate your ability to be independent, your willingness to take on new challenges and your ability to work with people from a variety of backgrounds. These are all assets that will enhance your CV.

Deciding where to go

You may have a particular area of the world in mind when you are considering overseas experience.

Things to think about include:

  • Culture – is this something you would be able to cope with and enjoy? For example, you may feel more able to adapt to an Asian culture, or you may want to challenge yourself by stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • Language – are your language skills developed enough to live and work in the country of your choice?
  • Visa requirements – do you need a visa to work in the country? Are there any restrictions on the sort of work you can do and for how long you can work? (You’ll need to look at embassy websites for the country you want to work in to find the answer to these questions. Try the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic and Consular list).

Students may choose casual, voluntary or temporary work or a graduate position when working overseas.

With graduate positions, you’ll be competing with graduates from the country you want to go to, so you should identify the extra skills, qualities and experience you have to offer.

A number of graduates choose to work in New Zealand initially (perhaps for an international company) for a year or two before working overseas.

Some international companies offer overseas secondments to employees who want to travel and see the world.

Resources covering many countries

This subscription website contains detailed information on finding employment in over 40 countries. Access has been provided by CDES, please login to MyCDES and click on the GoinGlobal link under Shortcuts.

Prospects country-specific information
These pages, written for UK graduates wanting to work overseas, provide info on the job market, language requirements, job application process, contacts, links to further information for around 52 countries, and more.
A site promoting gap-year opportunities in foreign countries.


My Future
Australian government careers site including useful info on work and employment.

Graduate Careers Australia
Australian graduate careers and employment website. They also have a section where you can search for local graduate salary information.

Graduate Opportunities
Here you’ll find online versions of the Graduate Opportunities series of publications on this site.

Online application system for law firms around the world.

Careers Online
Australian job search and career development website.

Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Includes information on the right to work in Australia.

Hi Wages
Part-time, casual and temp jobseeker's website.

Find out about jobs in Australia for recent graduates.

A careers and labour market research information site.   


Pacific Island Jobs
Online job portal for sustainable development opportunities in the Oceania region. You’ll also find details about volunteering, internship and scholarships.


Graduan for Malaysian Fresh Graduates
Career and employment resource for Malaysian graduates.

Employment search engine for Malaysia and other parts of Asia.

Hong Kong government vacancies
Civil Service vacancies advertised by the government of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa information
Employment Service of Hong Kong

Malaysian site with job vacancies across Asia-Pacific.

Jet Programme
Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme.

National University of Singapore's Careers Services Useful Links 
Includes several vacancy sources.

United Kingdom and Europe

Eurograduate Live
Graduate vacancies advertised across Europe

Information about international internships, traineeships or graduation assignments aimed at students and higher education institutions.
UK graduate careers site with job vacancies.

Reed Recruit
Online UK recruitment agency.

UK job vacancies. 

Teaching personnel
Information about teaching work available in England and Wales.

Recruitment for Education:

United States of America

American careers and job vacancy website

Riley Guide
American site highlighting online employment opportunities and job resources.

International organisations
International job opportunities
Online resources for the academic job hunter.

World Health Organisation
WHO job site.

Careers at UNICEF
Vacancy information including internships.

United Nations
Employment opportunities with the United Nations.

International working holidays

International Exchange Programmes (IEP)
Information on work programmes in the US and Canada, UK, Ireland and France.

Raleigh International
A charity organisation which enables young people to grow volunteer on team-based community, environmental and adventure projects.