How to build a work experience placement

Tips to help your business get the most out of a work experience placement.

Shaping a workplace half-day visit

Hosting students at your company for a half-day visit is the perfect entry point to work experience. In a short time frame, you can showcase your business to a group of bright students who may soon be entry-level members of your team. These visits are simply introductions: showing students what working for your company could be like, and giving your staff a chance to scout future talent.

Gather your team

It’s important to get a wide range of people from your company involved so that both your staff and students get the most out of the experience. Decide which roles are most important to highlight and be sure to involve a range of ages and job types. Consider naming a point person in each department to plan their piece of the day.

Make a plan

The agenda could include a welcome from your senior team, an introduction or overview of your work, an office tour, and time with different departments explaining what they do. Highlight the more intangible qualities that make your company unique as well: office culture, team activities, etc. The goal is for your visitors to leave with a good grasp of what working for you would be like.

Invite the right students

Work with CDES to identify the types of students to recruit to attend the visit. Beware of limiting the pool of students to the most obvious field of study linked to your company. Every organisation requires people with a broad range of skills and expertise. Having a diverse group will open the students’ minds to career possibilities they might not have expected. Furthermore, your staff will be exposed to bright young people from a range of disciplines.

Ask for feedback

Getting feedback from the students who visit your company will be invaluable in planning future events. Ask specific questions that allow students to offer their perspectives on your organisation. Their insights can aid in recruiting and retaining staff.