Other ways to build your brand and support students’ work-readiness

Here are some of the ways CDES can help you build your brand, and how you can support our students to develop their work-readiness and reach their potential.

Employer voice at career workshops

Our career development workshops support students from all faculties to develop their employability skills, learn more about themselves and what they have to offer, and prepare for life after University. If you feel you can offer advice to our students to support them on their career journey, we would love to hear from you.

Speakers at career events

As well as our large career expos, we also run a number of career events throughout the year. These are designed to support student career development and educate them about the world of work. We often look for speakers in various stages of their careers to speak on a specific topic and share their experiences and insights.

"Spotlight On" industry events

We’re keen to facilitate future events that give students the chance to learn about other industries. If you represent a particular industry or belong to an industry organisation and would like to work with us to promote this industry to our students, please get in touch with us.

Case studies and news stories

Do you have any career advice you wish you could have given your younger self? Do you or your colleagues have an inspirational career story to share with students? Do you know a recent University of Auckland intern or graduate who can offer advice to other students who would like to follow in their footsteps? If so, we would love to hear about it. We publish regular posts and articles for students about all aspects of career development. These articles are also a good way to promote your organisation and the programmes you offer.

Some common themes include:

  • What to do while you are at university to get work-ready
  • The value of internships/work experience/volunteering to your future career
  • How to stand out to employers
  • How to find/secure an internship/graduate position
  • Top tips and ‘dos and don’ts’ for applications and interviews
  • What is a certain job/industry really like
  • Graduate recruitment trends, applications processes and assessment methods

On-campus interviews

If you’re interviewing a number of University of Auckland students and/or visiting from out of town, why not hold your interviews on campus?

We can offer interview facilities to accommodate various interview and assessment formats.

Give us your feedback

Employer feedback is valuable and helps us to understand the changing face of the graduate recruitment market. It also helps us to better support and prepare our students. If you have recently recruited for graduates or interns and want to share your insights and ideas, please contact us.

Important dates

Please contact Kate Coley, Employer Engagement Manager on k.coley@auckland.ac.nz or 09 923 9433 to discuss any of the above options, or to find out more.