Steps to take at University

Develop your skills and knowledge to improve your chances of a successful job search in your final year.

Steps to take in your first year

Register for MyCDES

Register on the University's student, graduate job and internship website. To make an appointment, attend a workshop or career event, you’ll need to register.

Work experience and volunteering

The transferable skills you gain from work experience and volunteering will help you when you are job hunting. The more relevant your experience is to your degree, the better. 

If you need help finding work experience, visit Finding a job and networking

Develop your skills

Start developing your team, leadership and communications skills. Get involved in student groups, clubs, sports, volunteering and cultural activities. You could also be a class rep, mentor or Uniguide. 

Clarify your direction

If you are not sure where you are going or what options you have with your degree, you can discuss your career ideas with a Career Development Consultant

Write your CV

Your CV is the first contact you have with a potential employer, so make sure you’re making a positive impact that presents your knowledge, experience and skills. Read some tips on creating CVs and cover letters, or come to one of our CV workshops.

CVs, cover letters and application forms 

Steps to take during your study

Workplace skills and qualities

Identify the skills, experience and qualities needed for jobs that interest you and plan to develop those.

Skills that employers look for 


Talk to your family and friends about their jobs, and carry out some informational interviews and career networking with professionals in the field.

Finding and approaching employers

Develop your job search skills

Explore job vacancy sources and learn about how to approach employers. Attend our job search and networking workshops. 

Explore opportunities for overseas experience

Working or studying in a country with a different culture can give you new insights and perspectives. Many New Zealand graduates spend at least part of their careers gaining work experience overseas.

With the Auckland Abroad programme, you can study overseas for a semester or two while earning credits towards your University of Auckland degree. 

Connect with potential employers

Come to employer presentations and careers expos to talk to employers about job opportunities, internships, and what they are looking for in a graduate.

Develop your skills and work experience

For relevant part time and summer work experience opportunities, keep checking on Student Job Search. Learn about Velocity, an exciting initiative that aims to help you turn your entrepreneurial ideas into real businesses. 

Develop relationships

Make sure you build your relationships with potential future referees, such as employers or lecturers, as these are very important for your CV. Be sure to ask them if they will act as your reference before giving anyone their details.

For more information, visit Finding and approaching employers.

Develop job interview techniques

Learn about successful job interviews. Come to our job search and interviews workshops. Practise your interview techniques with a Career Development Consultant.

Steps to take in your final year

Develop your professional networks

Take advantage of any opportunities to learn and network through the University, paid and voluntary work, and community involvement and join professional organisations linked to your major.

Network and research potential employers

Network with employers at careers events. Start identifying employers you would like to work for.

Monitor jobs

Read the advice on our website and come to our job search workshop. Some employers recruit up to a year in advance, so don't miss out. From the start of your final year start looking at recruitment websites and check out the CDES job board

Careers workshops

Apply for jobs

Tailor your CV for each application. Research the company you are applying to. Learn about job interviews, psychometric tests and assessment centres.

Make it happen

Steps to take after you graduate

You can use Career Development and Employability Services for up to three years after you graduate.