Supporting documentation for 360 Auckland Abroad

Thank you for submitting your application for an Auckland Abroad exchange. You’ve taken the first step towards the adventure of a lifetime!

To complete the application process, you’ll need to provide supporting documentation.

Course Approval Form

As part of your application you need to select appropriate courses at the host university, in order to get credit pre-approved towards your University of Auckland degree.

Give your faculty a minimum of 4 weeks to process your course approval request, so submit this form to your faculty as soon as possible.   

You only have to provide the form for your first choice university.

Note: It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have researched all of your university choices. This includes making sure that there are enough suitable courses available, so that each choice would be a viable exchange destination. If you meet our criteria you may be nominated to any of your university choices.

Academic transcript

If you’ve transferred from another university, or you’re a postgraduate who completed your undergraduate degree at another university, you must submit a copy of your academic transcript.

How to submit your documentation

These supporting documents can be submitted through the online application (only at the time of application).

If you’ve already applied online, you can submit the rest by email, drop it into our office, or post it to our mailing address.


  • We can’t assess your application without full supporting information.
  • Some faculties require you to apply online before applying for course approval. If this is the case for your faculty, you’ll first need to apply online, then email us the course approvals once signed.

Physical address

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Postal address

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