Inbound exchange students

Spend a semester or a year at the University of Auckland studying and living in another culture, making new friends, gaining international experience and breaking out of your comfort zone — all while earning credits towards your overseas qualification.

Exchange programme

To be eligible:

  • Your home institution must be a University of Auckland partner through a formal student exchange agreement. To see if your university is one of our partners, see Partner universities.
  • You must be nominated by the exchange coordinator of your home institution.
  • You apply for COPEX (Certificate of Proficiency - Exchange) at the University of Auckland.
  • Your application must be accepted by the University of Auckland.

If selected:

You remain enrolled with your home institution.

You continue to pay your home institution fees, and are exempt from University of Auckland tuition fees.

The courses you study may be credited towards your degree

Find out more about Study Abroad and Student Exchange opportunities at the University of Auckland.