Group programmes

There are various opportunities for an overseas experience that fit within the inter-semester breaks through funded group programmes.

Sub-doctoral University-student travel remains restricted to the semester exchange programme and other limited programmes supported or organised by the 360 International office. Many of our partner universities are however offering virtual courses during their summer and winter schools, which is a great opportunity to still add an international dimension to your degree.

For more information on current programmes open for applications, check out our virtual opportunities.

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Group programmes are immersive study tours which allow you to explore your academic interests in a global context, while travelling as part of a group. Being part of a group is a great way to delve into another culture for the first time, offering a supportive network with whom to share and process your experiences and growth.

360 International administers new group programmes each year during the New Zealand summer. Funding is also sourced from the Prime Minister’s Scholarships through the group application as an institution.

Funded group programmes are listed on Via TRM approximately by October for the upcoming New Zealand summer. Students must apply on Via TRM.

360 International manages the application process. As spaces are limited and not guaranteed, preference may be given to students who have not been awarded funding for similar opportunities in the past.

Please note that for Prime Minister’s Scholarship funded programmes, additional eligibility criteria may apply, including New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency. For more information, please see Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia and Latin America.

Explore more about past group programme participants and their experiences on the 360 International Blog.