Summer and winter schools

There are opportunities for students looking for an overseas experience that fit within the inter-semester break.

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Summer and winter programmes in conjunction with or at partner institutions are usually open to all students. Eligibility requirements may differ from semester exchange requirements.

These programmes tend to be offered as an addition to the usual degree programme and usually take place during the northern hemisphere summer holidays (June to August) or winter holidays (December to February). A summer or winter school can be added onto a semester exchange or completed separately.

It may be possible to gain credit for some courses towards your University of Auckland programme when participating in an overseas summer or winter school. You will need to discuss this with your faculty. The different processes are listed below, depending on whether you participate in a short-term exchange or short-term study abroad programme.

Summer and winter schools will be listed usually by April and September on the University of Auckland's learning abroad portal.

If you have any questions, please contact the 360 International team.

Short-term exchange programmes

Some exchange partners may offer tuition fee waivers, which means you do not pay tuition fees to the exchange partner, but you are responsible for other costs such as travel and accommodation. For partners who do not offer tuition fee waivers, you will be enrolled in an exchange course on SSO and pay tuition fees to the University of Auckland. A nomination is required from 360 International as this will count as a short-term exchange.

360 International will process the credit transfers for short-term exchanges. Students are required to complete a course approval form, seek approval from the faculty and submit the completed form to 360 International. The course approval form can be found under supporting documentation.

The exception for the course approval process is the University of New Caledonia French Summer School programme, as 360 International will liaise with the French adviser regarding this.

Application process to 360 International:

  1. Log into the learning abroad portal using your university username and password, and apply on the programme page by the required deadline.
  2. 360 International will review applications after the deadline, and if eligible for a nomination, we will send you a nomination offer.
  3. 360 International will send you application instructions, and you will apply to the partner university to receive acceptance into the programme.

Programmes we have previously offered include:

Short-term study abroad programmes

Most winter or summer schools offered through our exchange partners are considered study abroad however, which does not count as a short-term exchange, and students will be responsible for paying tuition and programme fees to the host institution directly. Students apply independently to the host institution and may not require a nomination from 360 International, although students are encouraged to register their travel plans with 360 International, to confirm eligibility for coverage under the University-funded travel insurance policy.

With the Language Study Abroad programmes, except for the University of New Caledonia French Summer School, the credit transfer process is managed by the individual language department under the Faculty of Arts.

For other short-term study abroad programmes, you will need to consult your faculty and apply for approval through Admissions. You will need to submit an AS-15 Application for Prior Course and Credit Approval form (if applying for credit prior to study abroad programme, recommended) and/or AS-14 Application for Assessment of External Transfer Credit form (if applying for credit after a course has already been completed overseas). Please see forms for students.