Postgraduate study in Health Informatics

What can you study in Health Informatics?

You can study Health informatics in a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health, Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences, Master of Health Sciences or Master of Public Health.

The topics covered include the design, implementation and re-engineering of information processes, diagnostic and intervention decision support, health information coding and classification, knowledge management, messaging standards and privacy and security.


Health Informatics specialisations

Where can postgraduate study in Health Informatics take you?

Advances in technology, including electronic health records and information processes, mean there is now a wide variety of roles that require Health Informatics knowledge and skills.

There are many career opportunities for people with training and experience. Areas include the design and implementation of information privacy and security solutions, the development and use of standards for messaging, terminology and data coding, diagnostic and intervention decision support, and electronic healthcare records, as well as the ability to work effectively within multi-disciplinary teams.