Postgraduate study in Law

What can you study in Law?

Through the study of law, you will gain a skill set that meets the high demands of any legal career. These include analytical and research skills, knowledge of the law and its implications, social appreciation, public responsibility and communication skills.

Postgraduate study allows you to gain extra skills and deeper knowledge of the law. It is increasingly important in a globalised world, as many careers now demand more focused, sophisticated and advanced legal expertise. The Law School’s postgraduate programmes allow you to specialise in areas that benefit both your employment opportunities and academic interests.

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Where can postgraduate study in Law take you?

Investing in postgraduate study at The Law School will broaden your academic, research and employment horizons, and add value with specialist skills and knowledge. Whether you plan to join the next generation of leading lawyers in New Zealand, or strive to become a leader in the international field, a postgraduate law qualification from the Auckland Law School will help you to make your mark on the world.

Jobs related to Law

  • Barrister, solicitor
  • Financial adviser, strategic policy planner
  • Foreign policy official
  • Policy analyst
  • Research counsel
  • Tax adviser, auditor, revenue assessment officer
  • Accountant and auditor
  • Business development manager and compliance manager
  • Police officer
  • Public sector staff

Further study options

Scholarships and awards

Each year we award scholarships and prizes to thousands of students.

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Help and advice

For general postgraduate student enquiries, please contact the Applications and Admissions Office.  

Phone: 0200 61 62 65 or +64 9 923 1535 (outside New Zealand)

Or contact the Student Academic and Support Advisor Angela Vaai.

Phone: +64 9 923 8180