Undergraduate study in Screen Production

In 2021 enrolment in Stage II Screen Production courses will be available to students who have satisfied the course prerequisite. Students can also apply for the major for 2021.

After Semester One 2021 it will not be possible to begin a BA major in Screen Production; the final intake will be in Semester One 2021.

If you are currently enrolled in the Screen Production Major, see the Arts Students' Centre for your requirements or contact the Undergraduate Adviser for Screen Production.

Screen Production major applications for 2021

The deadline for applications closed on 11 Jan 2021. If you are selected, you will be enrolled into SCREEN 200 in Semester One, 2021 and SCREEN 201 in Semester Two 2021.

Enrolling in Stage II Screen Production courses

Screen Production courses provide you with an understanding of the practical aspects of filmmaking and media storytelling for screens. Classes offer a range of practice-based and conceptual lessons for those interested in creating narrative content in screen media.

SCREEN 200 Production Techniques will be offered in both Semester One and Semester Two in 2021. You will get an introduction to practical Screen Production methods focusing on lighting, sound, cinematography and editing.

SCREEN 201 Storytelling for Screens will be offered in Semester Two, 2021. This provides an overview of Screen Production from the practical standpoint of production methods, aesthetics, technology and directorial process.

SCREEN 200 or 201 will be available in Semester Two 2021 for enrolment to any students who have satisfied the course pre-requisites as an elective course.

Enrolling in Stage III Screen Production courses

Current Stage II Screen Production majors progressing on to Stage III in 2021 needed to submit an application form to confirm their preferred courses. The application form had a deadline of 16 November 2020. 

The four Stage III Screen Production courses will be offered as usual in 2021. SCREEN 303 in Semester One and SCREEN 301 in Semester Two will have spaces available to students not in the Screen Production major as an elective course. Students wanting to enrol into SCREEN 303 and 301 needed to submit an application form by 16 November 2020.

Structuring your major in Screen Production

This information only applies to students who are continuing their major in Screen Production.

You will need to pass at least 120 points (eight courses) towards each of your majors, including at least 45 points (three courses) at Stage III.

You must pass the following courses as part of the Screen Production major:

  • MEDIA 101
  • One course from COMMS 100 and 104
  • SCREEN 200 and 201
  • Two courses from SCREEN 300-303


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