Doctoral study in Translation Studies

Why study with us?

We are New Zealand's leading education provider in Translation Studies.

As a doctoral candidate, you'll benefit from financial support for research expenses through PReSS funding, high-calibre supervision practices, and the networks and expertise of our world-class academic researchers.

Research opportunities

We offer supervision for a wide range of topics in Translation Studies, from translator training to contemporary translation practices, mainly focused on empirical research.

You can pursue PhD research in areas such as:

  • Process-oriented research, especially with regard to the use of electronic tools and resources
  • Cognitive translation studies
  • Information literacy for translators and interpreters
  • Translator and interpreter training
  • Translation technology
  • Audiovisual translation and translation of new media such as video games
  • Sociology of translation
  • Non-professional translation such as fan translation
  • Emerging translation practices such as translation crowdsourcing
  • Multimodal analysis of translation
  • Reception studies of translation
  • Cultural aspects of interpreting
  • Literary translation
  • Translation, superdiversity and multilingualism
  • Public service interpreting and translation (PSIT)

Solid PhD research proposals in other areas may also be considered.

Our people

Associate Professor Minako O’Hagan
Minako has research specialisms in translation technology, covering a broad range of topics in Translation Studies, including audiovisual translation (AVT) and localisation. She is currently investigating the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities in times of major disasters as part of the European project International Network on Crisis Translation (INTERACT). Prior to joining the University of Auckland in 2016, Minako supervised PhD students to completion with topics ranging from translation crowdsourcing to various aspects of machine translation.

Dr Vanessa Enriquez Raido
Vanessa’s research expertise lies in the fields of translator education, online information literacy for translators, translation technology and its teaching, and translation process research. She has significantly contributed to these areas of knowledge by way of numerous publications, conference presentations and invited lectures in renowned translation programs worldwide. More recently, she has developed a strong interest in non-professional translation and interpreting practices in the public sector and other community settings.


In addition to the main staff members in Translation Studies, co-supervision can be arranged for research involving a range of languages and disciplines:


Dr Danping Wang


Associate Professor Deborah Walker-Morrison | Dr Trudy Agar | Associate Professor Tracy Adams


Dr Stephan Resch | Dr Nicole Perry


Professor Bernadette Luciano | Dr Franco Manai


Dr Ellen Nakamura


Dr Kathryn Lehman | Dr Wendy-Llyn Zaza

Comparative Literature

Dr Nicole Perry

Applied Linguistics

Associate Professor Michael Barlow | Dr Louisa Buckingham

Past research topics

  • "Post-editing in the wild: An empirical study of Chinese-to-English professional translators in New Zealand" | Supervised by Associate Professor Minako O'Hagan and Dr Danping Wang
  • "The role of subject-area knowledge in consecutive interpreting" | Supervised by Professor Frank Austermuehl and Dr Vanessa Enriquez Raido
  • "Productivity in post-editing and in neural interactive translation prediction: A study of English-to-Spanish professional translators" | Supervised by Dr Vanessa Enriquez Raido and Professor Phillip Koehn
  • "Cultural, religious, political and language difference as reflected in the letters of French Roman Catholic missionaries working in New Zealand in 1840" | Supervised by Dr Trudy Agar and Dr Vanessa Enriquez Raido
  • "Translation of the sicilianità in the fictional languages of Giovanni Verga and Andrea Camilleri" | Supervised by Professor Bernadette Luciano

Scholarships and awards

There are several scholarships you may be eligible for when you decide to pursue your PhD in Translation Studies:

Help and advice

Our friendly staff will provide you with advice on enrolling in your PhD at Student Hubs.

If you would like to discuss your plans for your doctoral research you can contact our PhD Adviser.

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