Undergraduate study in Translation Studies

What can you study in Translation Studies?

Encountering different languages and diverse cultural traditions is an everyday experience. However, the process by which translators and interpreters work across languages and cultures is not as simple as it may appear.

Our Stage I course, Translation for Global Citizens, is designed for students of all disciplines. You can enhance your preparation for future careers and the workplace by developing basic translation and interpreting literacy for an increasingly interconnected world. See TRANSLAT 100: Translation for Global Citizens.

Developing an understanding of the nature of translating and interpreting will help you:

  • develop your awareness of global communication practices in today’s digital world
  • become a better global citizen by using your understanding of translation and interpreting productively
  • consider a career as a professional translation and interpreting practitioner
  • become an effective user of translation and interpreting services driven by increased globalization and migration
  • assess appropriate translation and interpreting solutions for different communication needs.

If you are a speaker of two or more languages, you can start thinking about a possible career path in facilitating interlingual and intercultural communication.

If you speak only one language, you can learn how to become an informed and proficient user of translation and interpreting services. You do not need to know or be studying an additional language to take TRANSLAT 100.

Structuring your study in Translation Studies

TRANSLAT 100: Translation for Global Citizens is available as an elective course in the BA.

TRANSLAT 100G is available as a General Education course. To see if you can count this towards your degree programme, check the General Education schedules.


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