Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership

The PGDipEdLd aims to develop the knowledge and skills of future and current educational leaders so they can make a positive difference to learning outcomes for students and teachers.

Who can apply?

You can apply for admission to the PGDipEdLd if you have all of the following:

  • approved bachelors degree
  • professional qualification in teaching or another approved profession
  • at least three years’ practical experience in teaching or a related profession, including experience in a leadership or management role.

Completing the PGDipEdLd

Number of points to complete  PGDipEdLd Fulltime study Part-time study Location

You must pass 120 points:

  • 30 points from a course focused on educational leadership
  • 30 points from a research methods course
  • 60 points from a wide range of courses listed in the programme schedule
1 year
(2 semesters)
4 years
(8 semesters)
Epsom Campus

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