Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies

Tuesday 24 July: 3pm

Presented by Dr Chris Wilson

From the relative stability and prosperity of New Zealand, it is sometimes difficult to remember that in many areas of the world, ethnic and religious groups frequently fight for power, resources, land, or simply for their own security. Many societies are subjected to tribal warfare, riots, civil war, terrorism and even mass killings and genocide. If we are to prevent such violence and destruction, understanding why it occurs is crucial. To more closely examine the causes and prevention of conflict, terrorism and radicalisation, we have created the Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Auckland.

About the presenter

Dr Wilson is the programme coordinator for the Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies (MCTS). His research and teaching is focussed on violent conflict and terrorism. He has had a number of professional roles in conflict analysis and prevention with the World Bank, UNDP and other international agencies. He is coordinator of Conflict, Terrorism and Peace group (CTAP) and an editor of the Pacific Outlier blog.