Master of Education (180 points)

Professor Gavin Brown

Tuesday 31 July: 3pm

Presented by Professor Gavin Brown

Have you ever thought “I can see what’s going on, but I really don’t know how to fix it or understand how it got that way”? Then the 180 point Master of Education programme may be your next step to a more effective practice and greater confidence and competence in your educational practice.

Faculty of Education and Social Work academics are world-class experts in a wide range of disciplines and content areas and are able to guide you into a deeper understanding of your field and induct you into the basics of real-world research. Having experience in disciplined inquiry of a practice, problem, or theory of education will benefit you and your school and community of learning.

This webinar will highlight a few of the major topic areas in which you can study, explain the structure and system of the degree, and offer you a chance to ask questions about entering and completing the degree.

About the Master of Education

The Master of Education is a research masters programme that is ideally designed for the student who is keen to investigate a particular aspect of education in-depth, whether or not they would like to proceed to doctoral studies.

This qualification provides the opportunity to review, inform and improve your knowledge and professional practice by undertaking original educational research in your area of interest. Under supervision from high-calibre experts within the faculty, you can contribute valuable knowledge and understanding to the field of education. Not only does this degree lead to a doctoral studies (provided you get a grade of B+ or better in the thesis), it also equips you with specialist capabilities acquired in real-world research so that you can be a significant contributor in your role as a classroom practitioner, school leader, or subject expert.

About the presenter

Professor Brown is Associate Dean Postgraduate Research and the Director of the Quantitative Data Analysis and Research Unit in the Faculty of Education and Social Work.