Experience Urban Planning and Urban Design

Wednesday 22 May

What is urban planning and design?

Urban planning is about shaping our urban environments - economically, socially, and culturally - and about how towns, cities and public spaces impact on people's lives. The related discipline of urban design focuses on the design of the spaces between buildings which make up our towns and cities. 

Through the School of Architecture & Planning's masters programmes, students have an opportunity to use critical analysis and creativity to address real-world issues and the implications of urban development. These programmes make our students highly sought-after professionals, with common avenues for employment being in local and central government, and in private practice. 

Who is it for?

Our postgraduate urban planning and urban design programmes attract a range of people with undergraduate degrees in history, law, geography, civil engineering and environmental science. What matters most is that you're passionate about creating a positive future by influencing the economic, social and cultural development of our urban spaces. 

What can I expect from this event?

Immerse yourself in the urbanist mindset as you hear from current students and prospective teachers, discussing just what makes urban planning and urban design two of the most fascinating, impactful and employable study options right now. 

Join a tour of our design studios and faculty facilities to gain valuable insights into creative life in the heart of Auckland's CBD. This will be followed by a Place Game experience, where you'll take part in a group session examining the characteristics that improve urban spaces for everyone. Then, enjoy an interactive Polaroid display, considering the question "what do we need to make a great city?" 

The session will round off with an informal meet and greet with our friendly Student Centre and Academic advisers, who will share more valuable information about the many study options and career pathways opened by our programmes.