Asilika is studying a Master of Taxation. She currently works for Inland Revenue.

Deciding on postgraduate study

“While working at Inland Revenue, the University of Auckland was highly recommended to me by my manager who encouraged me to study law. I completed my Master of Laws at the University of Auckland and have chosen to return to study for a Master of Taxation.  

“Taxation plays an important role and has an impact on our daily lives including housing, day-to-day expenses and business decisions. I enjoy the papers as the topics are very practical and discuss issues that are current."

Pursuing a passion

“I am originally from Fiji and have a great interest in indigenous peoples’ affairs. By developing my knowledge of international tax, my aim is to assist and contribute towards the well-being and success of indigenous peoples, especially in the Pacific."

“My postgraduate studies have provided me with a wider base of knowledge, broadened my mind and increased my confidence in the workplace.”

Choosing the University of Auckland

“I have found the University a great place to study, with wonderful lecturers and resources that assist students excel in their learning. It was Dr. Nin Tomas, one of my lecturers, who sparked my interest in indigenous law to a much higher level."

“The intensive yet flexible courses at the University allow me to study and still continue to work full time. The resources available also allow me to do my research and support without having to compromise my work and keeping a balance between work, study and life.”