Education and Social Work

Jo is a graduate of the Master of Social Work. She currently works for the Auckland District Health Board.

“I have been working as a social worker in a youth forensic team since 2011, providing mental health assessment and interventions in an Oranga Tamariki youth justice residence. My masters research focused on how Oranga Tamariki experienced clinical information-sharing, and also how my colleagues around New Zealand were practising information-sharing within this context.

“The Master of Social Work has allowed me to move beyond my day-to-day work to explore wider issues in my field.”

“This research project was the first of its kind. I was thrilled with one of the outcomes from the research – the first-ever national youth forensic forum that was held in Auckland in October 2018. This forum was a chance for the youth forensic workforce to come together for the first time, to build connections and to discuss models of service. I’m even more excited that there is motivation from this group of clinicians to continue this event on an annual basis.

“I decided to pursue this postgraduate qualification after practising as a social worker for over a decade. My hope was to explore some very practice-based issues in my field. What I gained was even more valuable, as the research project itself led to the formation of strategic relationships with both Oranga Tamariki and youth forensic teams, as well as increased confidence in research and specialist subject knowledge.

“I chose the University of Auckland because of the excellent reputation of its social work programme. I was already familiar with many of the teaching staff through my own social work practice, and so it was an easy decision to pursue my postgraduate studies here.”