Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

The BE(Hons) at the University offers a broad range of specialisations, from traditional civil and electrical engineering to innovative biomedical and mechatronic engineering.

Pathway into the BE(Hons)

MIT New Zealand Diploma in Engineering

You can apply for admission to the BE(Hons) if you have completed a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering at MIT. You may be credited 120 points for Part I and enter Part II of the BE(Hons). Note that this pathway into the University’s BE(Hons) programme is subject to the availability of places.

Completing the BE(Hons)

Number of points to complete the BE(Hons) Full-time study Location

The degree consists of 480 points and a set number of hours of practical work experience:

  • 120 points from Part I
  • 360 points from Part II, III and IV in one of the nine specialisations
  • 800 hours of practical work during the degree.

Students who achieve a sufficiently high GPA graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). Those who successfully complete the programme but who do not gain Honours graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering

4 years (8 semesters) City Campus

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