ANTHRO 104G Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific

ANTHRO 104G | BE, EDSW, EMHSS, LC |15 points | NOT TAUGHT in 2021


This explores Pacific peoples and their diverse cultural and biological heritages through the lens(es) of Anthropology.

Staff who specialise in social anthropology, archaeology, ethnomusicology, and biological anthropology will examine a series of issues relevant to living in the Pacific – from connections and movements between and within the Pacific, to reproducing culture and social change, to colonialism and health issues in the Pacific.

Learning outcomes

After finishing this course, you will have a broader, more rigorous understanding of what has happened in the Pacific in the past, as well as a grasp of the complexities of the contemporary environment for Pacific peoples.

Topics covered

  • Human colonisation of the Pacific
  • Environmental change in the Pacific and how this affects people
  • Migrations and movements of Pacific peoples
  • Contact and colonialism
  • Pacific music and migration
  • Economics and politics in the Pacific
  • Health issues in the contemporary Pacific

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