ANTHRO 105G Questions of Race and Racism

ANTHRO 105G | BE, EDSW, EMHSS, LC | 15 points |Not offered in 2020


This course introduces international, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives on race. The course considers racism from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

Although the course has an international reach, and considers the impact of concepts and practices of racism on individuals, families, communities, nation-states and empires, it has a special focus on New Zealand and the Pacific.

Learning outcomes

After finishing the course, you should be able to analyse difficult social issues. The course will contribute to your social development, awareness and respect for diversity.

Topics covered

  • Changing representations of race in Australia
  • The biology of race
  • Sex, gender and race
  • Race and the law
  • Lethal narratives: the politics of extermination
  • Internalising and appropriating race
  • The lived experience and practice of racialised identities
  • Race and the origins of African-American popular music
  • The politics of race
  • Pacific Islander experiences of racism in New Zealand


First written assignment: 1000-1500 words (15%)
Participation in electronic discussions (10%)
Second written assignment: 1500-2000 words (25%)
Two-hour exam (50%)

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