ANTHRO 106G Issues and History in Popular Music

ANTHRO 106G | ARTS, BE, EDSW, EMHSS, LC | Semester TWO 2021 | City Campus | 15 points


A survey of popular music styles, artists, and subcultures including hip hop, Bollywood, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, metal, punk, disco, and electronic dance music. Studying popular music allows the exploration of a wide variety of issues including class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, technology, gender, mainstream vs underground cultures, nationalism and identity. 

Current understandings of popular music will be considered from a range of theoretical, methodological and historical perspectives and students will also get the opportunity to develop the key skills of academic writing, reading and critical thinking. 

Note: this course does not satisfy the General Education requirements for BMus or BMus conjoints. 

Learning Outcomes

After finishing the course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of some of the key decades and sub-genre of popular music
  • Apply theoretical perspectives of race, gender and power to genre and historical periods of popular music
  • Understand some of the key research and academic writing on popular music
  • Demonstrate skills in reading, note taking, critical thinking and writing at the appropriate level

Student Feedback

'This course was so great, the lecturer was the best that I've ever had, made the classes so much fun yet was always so informed and taught so well. The feedback on my essays was extremely helpful to my learning.'

'I found that the large variety of digital resources to be very helpful and the small snippets of a song gave us a clearer understanding of how that specific genre sounded at that time.'

'All sorts of media are used in this course, not just the music video examples within the lectures but also documentaries and quizlet questions within tutorials to help deepen our understanding.'

'I did get a taste of a lot of black culture and black music genres that I did not know before.'

Topics Covered

  • Genre 
  • The music industry 
  • Popular music and gender 
  • Rock history 
  • Hip-hop 
  • Soul, funk and R&B 
  • Dance music 
  • Bollywood 
  • K-Pop 
  • African pop

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