HUMS 100G Digital Humanities: From Text to txt

HUMS 100G | Open | City Campus | 15 points | Not Offered


This is an interdisciplinary course, designed to introduce students to the humanities. The course will expose students to the questions, ways of thinking, and objects of study in core disciplines in the humanities and will have a substantial "hands-on" digital component. The course asks big questions about the human experience and asks about the continuing relevance of such questions in the age of the internet.

This course embraces what has been called the "digital turn" in research and teaching in the humanities, so lectures and assignments will have substantial online components and introduce students to the use of a wide range of digital resources and forms of assessment (ranging from social messaging to digital archives, from blogging and curation to role-playing and "gamification").

Note: this course was formerly ARTSGEN 100G and can not be taken by students who have previously  passed that course.

Learning outcomes

After finishing this course, you will have a better understanding of the Humanities disciplines — their differences and interconnections — and where your own culture and history fits into the humanities tradition.  With our digital component, you will learn to research and think about the Humanities with the tools of the 21st century.

Topics covered

  • Internet identities
  • Myth, truth, and belief
  • History and the web
  • Digital art and digital artefacts
  • Virtual worlds

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