BUSAN 100G Digital Information Literacy

BUSAN 100G / Open Schedule / Semester One 2020 / City Campus /15 points


This course will introduce you to skills, technologies and techniques for the effective use of digital information. In all spheres of personal and professional life information is being created, stored, analysed, exchanged and communicated in digital forms. Digital information literacy will help make you more productive in the digital age. 

Note: you cannot take this course if you have taken or intend to take any Information Systems courses ie  BUSAN 100G cannot be taken with or after INFOSYS 110-345.

Course Goals

  • Introduction to the creation, exchange and management of digital information
  • Provision of basic skills to work effectively with digital information with contemporary technologies
  • Consideration of the positive, negative, uncertain and controversial impacts of the ubiquity of digital information technologies in everyday life
  • Encourage effective information management in every aspect of life. 

Topics covered

  • Working with information in structured formats
  • Manipulation, aggregation and visualisation of quantitative information
  • Unstructured information
  • Public online information
  • The influence of digital information technologies on society


  • Spreadsheet assignment, 10% 
  • Insight assignment, 10%
  • Information management assignment, 10%
  • Project 20%
  • Exam 50% 

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