CAREER 100G Crafting Your Career

CAREER 100G | OPEN | City Campus | Semester Two | New in 2020


Crafting Your Career uses project-based collaborative, problem-solving exercises to assist students to identify and hone personal attributes which increase their employability and ready themselves for life after the degree. The course enhances students' work-readiness by teaching them to understand develop and communicate skills that employers say are essential to career success.

Learning outcomes

Students will:
 ∘ explore what the terms ‘employability’ and ‘employability skills’ mean.  
∘ investigate and analyse the skills and capabilities sought after in the working world.
∘ explore their personal values and strengths so they can begin crafting a career around their skills, subject knowledge, personality and values.
∘ practice skills in a workplace context by working on a problem-solving project for an external organisation and presenting solutions to the organisation.   



1. Draft of 'Me in a Minute' 60 second video script: 5%

2. Team problem-solving presentation to partnering organisation: 30% 

3. Written self-reflection exercise focussing on development of different skills during the course, c.800 words: 15%

4. ‘Me in a Minute’ final written script (c.200 words) and 60-second video showcasing skills and strengths.  Training, including examples, will be provided to assist with the technical aspects of this assessment: 15%

5. Final exam: 35%

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