CLASSICS 110G Classical Mythology

CLASSICS 110G | BE, EDSW, EMHSS, LC | Semester One 2019 | City Campus | 15 points


Classical literature presents a coherent and distinctive world view that has had a pervasive influence on Western cultural values and ethical norms. This course studies the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome and its use in texts by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. 

Through studying literature in English translation you will develop an understanding of the ancient theatre, the meaning of tragedy as a world view, and the working of myth in particular social and historical context. The plays will be discussed in detail with frequent reference to parallels with our current experiences, and tutorials will offer opportunities for exchange of ideas about our responses to the universal human experiences exemplified in the plays. 

Learning outcomes

  • advancing student knowledge and understanding of values and attitudes characteristic of ancient Greek and Roman society
  • encouraging students to draw comparisons and contrasts between the values of ancient Greece and Rome and those of our own society
  • helping students develop a methodology for critical analysis of ancient literary texts
  • helping students develop a methodology for selecting and using scholarly publications about ancient texts 


Topics covered

  • The characteristics of ancient Greek gods and heroes
  • The characteristics of ancient Greek tragedy and the tragic world view
  • Analysis of five Greek tragedies selected to exemplify these


Coursework (40%)
Examination (60%)

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