PLANNING 100G Creative Communities: An Introduction to Planning

PLANNING 100G | ARTS, B&E, EDUSW, EMHSS, LC* | Semester One 2017 | City Campus

*Does not satisfy the General Education requirement for the Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours).


This course focuses on planning. Planning is about creating the future – a future that is sustainable, exciting and just. You will explore the evolution of urban planning ideas and practice, as a context for critically thinking about current issues and how New Zealand cities might be shaped from now on.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

  • Understand how urban planning contributes to city-making.
  • Understand theories and practices informing urban planning from the Industrial Revolution to the present.
  • Understand how to use this knowledge as a basis for contemporary urban planning criticism.

Topics covered

Key ideas and practices in the development of contemporary urban planning in New Zealand and internationally.


Two assignments (50%)
Examination (50%)

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