RUSSIAN 100G Beginners Russian 1

RUSSIAN 100G | Open | Semester One 2022 | City Campus | 15 points


An introductory course intended for students with no prior knowledge of Russian, with attention to a variety of language skills: listening comprehension, reading, speaking and writing. Students get a good start on learning the essential grammar of Russian and a core vocabulary of approximately 700 words.    

Course Objectives    

  • Upon successful completion of RUSSIAN 100, a student:        
  • Can read simple texts and identify parts of speech     
  • Has basic “survival skills”—listening comprehension and speaking ability sufficient to “get by” in some everyday situations      
  • Knows a core vocabulary of approximately 700 words      
  • Has an understanding of the essential grammar of Russian, including gender, number and case agreement of nouns and their modifiers; forms and meanings of three (of six) grammatical cases; verb conjugation.

Restriction: May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed

Student Feedback

'This was the best course I've ever taken, I think it may be the best decision of my life. If everyone took beginners' Russian, there wouldn't have been a Cold War. Europe wouldn't be divided by East and West. The world would be wonderful.'

'My favorite course, I really loved it. The Russian language is so beautiful.'

'In–class rehearsals, oral examples of new material and discussions with the lecturer about the new grammar were all really helpful. I appreciated the detailed feedback provided in assignments and a clear expectation of what we need to know to succeed.'

'The classes were very engaging.'

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