GLOBAL 100 Intercultural Communication


This is the Stage I core course for all Bachelor of Global Studies majors.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the field of Global Studies. It, along with Global 200 and Global 300, form an integrated core backbone of your BGlobal. This course is built on a transdisciplinary framework, which underpins Global Studies and uses case studies from around the world to illustrate its key concepts.

The course thus reflects the depth and breadth of Global Studies. In the first part of the course, Global Studies is defined as a critical field of inquiry, which employs transdisciplinary and cross-sectional lenses from economics, linguistics, geography, history, anthropology, and political science to explain the complexity of the global and local challenges.

The second portion of the course presents transdisciplinary themes from the four major streams in Global Studies; these include sustainability, human rights, international business, creative industries, tourism, development, and migration, and others. The primary pedagogical takeaways for you will be:

  • to understand the interconnected trends that make up the Global Studies field
  • to provide insights for better understanding the major streams and the degree as whole
  • to explore the skills and approaches needed for completion of the degree (including critical thinking, collaboration and intercultural communication)
  • to be conversant with other cultures and to benefit from understanding different worldviews

You are encouraged to draw on your own experiences of interacting with other cultures and languages in Auckland and the South Pacific in classes and assignments.


2021 Semester One



15 points