GLOBAL 101 Global Issues, Sustainable Futures


This course introduces you to the theory, science and practice of sustainability. You will gain an understanding of the ethical and philosophical grounding of sustainability and its relevance across society.

The basic science that underpins sustainability such as climate change, resource availability and environmental degradation will be presented and the debate which surrounds some of these issues will be discussed. Legal frameworks that have been established internationally and within New Zealand to incorporate sustainability into society will be introduced, including the Resource Management Act.

The complex and dynamic nature of sustainability will be illustrated through a multi-disciplinary approach. This will address the roles and implications of social and cultural practices, current governance, economic and business models, planning, design and management of the built environment, product and technology manufacturing and life cycles and increasing technological dependence.

The roles of various professionals and disciplines in contributing to achieving sustainability through a multi-disciplinary approach will be identified, using both case studies and panel discussions.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course you will understand:

  • The major issues which are posing risks to the future of society across the globe
  • The roles that professionals in various disciplines will need to engage in to develop solutions for resolving and mitigating these risks
  • How solutions are being developed at various levels which will contribute to achieving sustainability
  • How to provide rational discussions on the global issues and rational debate on proposed solutions
  • How to assist in developing solutions and approaches to achieving sustainability

Topics covered

  • Global issues
  • Human rights, law and governance
  • Sustainable business
  • Sustainable infrastructure and technology
  • Planning for sustainable cities


2021 Semester One



15 points