GLOBAL 200 Global Challenges


This is the Stage II core course for all Bachelor of Global Studies majors.

Its point of focus is for students to produce a research proposal for your research project that you will write under mentorship in GLOBAL 300.

The course combines lectures, practical exercises, and mentoring in research design and methodology.

GLOBAL 200 introduces theories, methods and challenges of Global Studies research. You will engage with research design and methods in order to work in teams and independently to construct research proposals relevant to your Global Studies majors and/or conjoints.

GLOBAL 200 begins with a reengagement with the reflective essays written in GLOBAL 100. Through further personal reflection, you will begin to consider how shape your individual Global Studies research project. Academic lectures will introduce you to research methods and practices relevant to the Global Studies degree.

You will also consider the role of theory in your research and discover appropriate methods to pursue a project. Finally, you will work independently to construct a research proposal that draws on your major streams, area foci, and language interests that you will then have the opportunity to execute in GLOBAL 300.

Learning outcomes

You will:

  • Learn to identify, deploy and critique Global Studies theory and methods
  • Consolidate the practical application of combined study in a major language and geographical/cultural area
  • Build on and further develop skills in independent and collaborative research
  • Build on and further develop skills in written and oral communication


2021 Semester Two



15 points