GLOBAL 300 Research Project


This is the Stage III core course for all Bachelor of Global Studies majors.

In this course you will write up your research project developed from the research proposal you completed in GLOBAL 200. You will be organised into small groups according to your area of interest and individually work with an academic supervisor.

You will meet with supervisors and the cohort throughout the semester to report on progress and provide peer review. Step-by-step assignments are designed to guide your project to completion at the end of the semester.

Learning outcomes

You will:

  • Apply transdisciplinary methods to the global challenge(s) addressed in your individual research projects
  • Demonstrate an awareness of distinctive cultural contexts and their relationship to the global context
  • Demonstrate advanced critical and analytical skills
  • Communicate outcomes of new knowledge in an effective way, both orally and in writing


2021 Semester One, repeated Semester Two